Mandela's Hier Ramaphosa TAKES OVER - Op Ed.pdf

DaMina 2018 Periscope YEAR AHEAD TOP RISKS.pdf


DaMina Mugabe will survive the coup.pdf

Saudi Arabia Devaluation.pdf

DaMina Tanzania Mine Nationalization.pdf

DaMina Kenya EC Numbers Anomalies Obama Kerry.pdf

DaMina Kenya Full Election Forecast Province-by-Province - Massive Odinga Victory.pdf

DaMina Kenya Electoral Commission Numbers.pdf

DaMina Kenya's One Term President.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Banking Crisis 2.0.pdf

DaMina Next Mutiny Could Topple Presidnet Ouattara.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Buhari to abandon Reelection.pdf

DaMina Ivoirian succession crisis.pdf

DaMina 2017 Periscope YEAR AHEAD TOP RISKS.pdf


South Africa debt downgrade could trigger Mozambique tailspin.pdf

South Africa contracting Economy boosts EFF.pdf

South Africa ANC at Cross Roads.pdf

South Africa ANC - DA Alliance Capital Markets Earthquake (2).pdf

Nigeria Oil Revenues Dip Below 1bil USD.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program IV.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program III.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program II.pdf

DaMina Taper Tantrum II.pdf

DaMina OPEC no deal fixed currency collapse.pdf

A world restored Trump, Clinton and Kissinger.pdf


Zuma inches towards mine nationalizations in South Africa.pdf

Press Release Why Was DaMina Advisors So Persistently Right on BUHARI Jonathan Matchup.pdf

Press Release Former President Joyce Banda joins DaMina.pdf

Nigeria Military Chiefs Hold Elections Hostage.pdf

DaMina The ZERO Growth Era I.pdf

DaMina South Africas Inconvenient Economic Truth.pdf

DaMina Nigeria ELECTIONS Conference Call III.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Conference Call II.pdf

DaMina Mr Obama goes to a geopolitically divided Africa.pdf

DaMina HADES Index Libya South Sudan hudling towards state collapse.pdf

DaMina Commodity Price Collapse and Africa.pdf

DaMina 2015 Perisciope - Our Top Calls for the Year Ahead.pdf




DAMINA - Boko Haram Comprehensive Assessment.pdf

Ebola II African Airlines.pdf

DaMina Zimbabwe Grace Mugabe seeks third way.pdf

DaMina Zimababwe Mugabe end of the line.pdf

DaMina US Tapering Frontier Capital Markets.pdf

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DaMina South Africa Post Marcus Inflation Targeting Policy Under Threat.pdf

DaMina South Africa Labor SPECIAL REPORT.pdf

DaMina Russia China Unite to End US Unipolarity.pdf

DaMina Post Mandela South Africa.pdf

DaMina Oil Price Slide.pdf

DaMina Oil Price Slide IMPACTS.pdf

DaMina Nigeria turns to Putin.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Interest Rate Rise Naira Devaluation.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Interest Rate Hike.pdf

DaMina Nigeria GDP Corp Earnings at Risk as Foreign Investors Flee with Boko Haram In.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Conference Call.pdf

DaMina Nigeria CBN Governor Going Nowhere - Naira to head down - Jonathan Impeachment.pdf

DaMina Nigeria 2015 Elections Risk of Postponement.pdf


DaMina 2013 AFRICA Periscope.pdf


Exclusive GHANA 2012 Elections Forecast.pdf

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DaMina GHANA 2012 Election.pdf

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UK Bribery Act Implications for Private Equity Firms.pdf

Mubarak Trial Could Trigger Coup in Egypt.pdf

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