DaMina Advisors

DaMina Advisors

DaMina Advisors is a preeminent independent global frontier markets political risk research, due diligence, geopolitical risk and M&A transactions consulting firm - with a special focus on Africa & Asia. DaMina provides bespoke risk analytic services to firms with significant frontier markets investments. DaMina Advisors is legally registered and has a global footprint with offices in Toronto, London, New York and Accra. 

DaMina's fundamental analytical view is that the world's last remaining frontier capital markets in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia are fast becoming synchronized, just as the formerly disparate largest emerging capital markets of Brazil, India, China and Russia have, since the late 1990s, become synchronized into a distinct asset class. 

DaMina Advisors has assembled two-tiered high impact teams comprised of some of the best young analysts, coupled with an elite assemblage of respected experienced former senior government and business leaders to provide the best possible frontier markets consulting, risk research and advisory services to our global clients. 

DaMina's exclusive services can be tailored to meet the needs of any global client with exposure to frontier markets, particularly in Africa and Asia.

Our clients includes family offices considering an investment in Africa and Asia; CEOs or boards of global conglomerates facing difficulties with their African operations; energy and mining firms seeking to formulate risk strategies for their operations; hedge funds, asset managers or private equity investors seeking to gain deeper insight into the changing socio-political, economic policy and regulatory risks that will impact their Africa-Asia frontier markets portfolio.