DaMina Advisors is a preeminent independent global frontier markets political risk research, due diligence, educational and M&A transactions consulting firm - with a special focus on Africa. DaMina provides bespoke risk analytic services to firms with significant frontier markets investments. DaMina Advisors has offices in London, New York, Toronto, Melbourne and Accra.


DaMina Africa Technology Venture Capital is set up to meet the multimillion Sub-Saharan Africa early-stage technology funding gap. Sub-Saharan Africa is beginning to produce world-class technology ideas and companies, but many early stage entrepreneurs and inventors lack critical early state capital. 

Within Sub-Saharan Africa, addressing this funding gap will allow for entrepreneurship, accelerated socio-economic development and wealth creation. DaMina Africa Technology Venture Capital is vertically organized with quick horizontal decision-making.

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DaMina Africa Technology Venture Capital will make small initial decisive investments, bring on senior management expertise and help connect Africa Technology firms to large global Venture Capital firms for longer term financing. 

DaMina Africa Technology Venture Capital  will make all investments with a clear and targeted investment policy.

For more information on DaMina Africa Technology Venture Capital please contact:

Brandon Charles
Managing Partner 
Email - Brandon@daminaadvisors.com 
Phone +1 513 383 8899



Innovation and execution is at the core of developing a successful methodology for product development or managing business strategies.

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